We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.”

— Willy Wonka

So... this is our new website.  Make yourself comfortable, take your shoes off and set a spell.

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Thanks, Mom! 

What a show!  I feel like I've been through a powerful spiritual experience!  Last night The Flemming Fold went to the Target Center courtesy of my incredible mother and were completely blown away by Paul McCartney.  His music moved us to our cores and even brought tears of pure joy.  Having been a Beatles fanatic since adolescence, his music is truly the soundtrack of my life (this is Troy).  This was my first time seeing Paul in concert, and I'll hopefully see him again, but whether I do or not, my soul has been forever lifted to new heights.  God bless Sir Paul!

Dreams do come true! 

It is true that as a family we have been very blessed.  We are thankful every day for our family, friends, and fans.  And we are thankful for our band and all of the adventures it takes us on.  But in these past few years, Paul McCartney has come through the Twin Cities a couple of times, and due to the large expense, we have missed him.  It is also true and a well-know fact that we are BIG Beatles fans.  When the girls were born, they were introduced to The Beatles' music at a very young age.  I have been a Beatles fan since I was around 12 years old, which was a while ago!  Every time I missed Sir Paul McCartney's tours, my heart would break.  Well...  NOT this time!  Incredibly, my mom has bought tickets for The Flemming Fold to go to Paul's concert in May!!  We were shocked and thrilled to the core at this huge blessing!  So, though it has been a hard day's night, I always felt that with a little help from our friends, we can work it out.  Paul McCartney here we come!  ~ Troy

How many did he say?? 

So... as I was copying a "past shows" page off of our old website to save in the files, I realized that we have now probably performed in over 1,000 concerts!  Last time I checked, it was around 900, and that was a while ago.  Now, it's important to mention that I have not done an official count yet, but I do believe that it is likely to be the case.  1,000 shows!!  Time to take the band out to dinner!  ~T

Winter Bluegrass Weekend! 

We had an amazing time at MNBOTMA's "Winter Bluegrass Weekend".  Highlights include:  having Marty as our sound guy and Tom Schrack as the MC;  hanging around with our very good friends, Jim, Mora, Bob, Diane, James and Lydia;  jamming with my old pal, Brian, and my daughter, Julia;  seeing 3 other accordionists!;  jamming with the Cavanaugh kids;  A visit with Sandy Kalisch;  Cajun music from New Riverside Ramblers;  and watching Bob and Diane tear up the dance floor! :)  ~T

It's Finally Here!! 

After 6 years of waiting, it is finally here...  "In the Key of Plenty".  Here are some of the things people are saying about it:

"Your music is such a day brightener."    "Love it. Keep on the Sunny Side! Yes!"    "Your new CD is awesome!!"    "A wonderful Gem of pure unadulterated music, harmonies, and fun for the soul, a must for any and all music fans...  The purity in these songs will bring out emotions unexpected, whether laughing, crying or pure joy."    "Still really enjoying it!  Warning though...hard to get the songs out of ones head!"    "Just finished listening to "In the key of plenty" by The Flemming Fold... A third time in a row!"   "All your family's voices are mesmerizing and wonderful to listen to."    "Man, can you yodel, Troy!  So dynamic, like listening to a bird song."

Visit our "Music" page to order yours or click here:  CD Baby - The Flemming Fold   or here:  iTunes              

Hard Hat Zone! 

So this is our new website, at least the beginnings of it.  We are still in the process of putting this all together.  It'll probably be a work in progress for a while, so your patience is much appreciated!  Any suggestions of ways to improve our website??  Please let us know.  We'd LOVE your input, after all, this site is for YOU!  ~T

Should I stay or should I go?? 

I've never written a blog before, but I thought it is about time I try it.  So here goes...  I guess the recent negativity on Facebook surrounding all of the campaigning politicians is just dragging me down, and I'm trying to decide if it is time to shut down my account or not.  It seems that everyone has something to say and most of it is filled with rhetoric and in some cases, flat out lies.  Well, I can't stand it much longer.  Am I being a wimp, or is FB adding unnecessary darkness into my otherwise sunny days?  ~T

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